5 Simple But Powerful Prayers for Your Loved One

Congratulations for investing in your marriage. You will grow and learn so much about yourself and your spouse when you take the time to pray for your spouse and yourself. God Bless and enjoy!

The Power of Forgiveness (Audio)

God wants forgiveness for you now. He wants it in your life and especially in your marriage. Learn 4 reason why you need to forgive.

21 Days Of Gratitude Journal

Being gratitude is something that must be learned. We do not start off in life being an appreciation for life’s greatest gift. We must stop and take the time to see the small and the big picture in front of us. With this 21 days gratitude journal, you will be reminded of the good and great in your life. Join millions as they reflect on the better things of life so they can make a difference and receive blessings and great opportunities in their lives.

Grace Filled Marriage

We all need grace. God gives grace each day. Every day we tried to get things right and sometimes we mess up but God gives us opportunities to get things right with ourselves and others. If we are not careful we will forget that. Giving grace to your spouse will allow God to move in their heart.